Welcome to our homep@ge

We are genealogists and we are searching  for members of our families from all over the world.  Over the last  year I have found many partners in the USA, the UK and of course in Germany. They are also genealogists and we make frequent use of  eMail and the Internet for our research..

If you are interested in what we do, or if you can help us with our genealogy research, please use our eMail adress.

We are looking for anyone with the names:

Jendreyzik in very different spellings up to Jendrzeyczyk

We have over 1.200 entries  in dBase databases.

You can download our informations with an EXCEL-sheet about the
native towns of all J.  (15 K) and

surname of all husbands and wife of  J. (36,8 K)


(OCTOBER 2008)